Family Law is an area of law that deals with issues involving the family, such as divorce, separation, child custody and visitation, among others. It often involves the most stressful time in one’s life. At Conflict Free Resolutions, our divorce & family law attorneys have a unique philosophy that states that individuals and families need to be understood, feel confident that their rights are being aggressively pursued, and are comfortable in understanding the process involved. We give customers the extra attention needed to address family law issues.

To obtain a divorce in Louisiana, you or your spouse must go before a judge who will issue the final divorce order. When the judge grants the divorce order, the judge will also issue a decree or order for matters related to a divorce such as custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, community property allocation, asset distribution, and division of liabilities of the marriage.


When parties retain separate lawyers to assist them in resolving these issues, they are engaging in the litigation process.

Each party will usually hire a Divorce and Family Law Attorney to assist them with obtaining a divorce. If the parties are not able to work through the questions themselves, their attorneys will take the lead in prosecuting these issues in what is called a “contested divorce.”

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