Mediation and Litigation in Business and Partnership Disputes

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Our business lawyers and mediators work with businesses and organizations to help them resolve the various disputes that could interfere with their goals of making a profit or helping others. If our clients want to litigate, we have the experience to assist our clients with matters in litigation.

On the other hand, mediation of business disputes provides a structured method for resolving disputes of this kind. Mediation is much more beneficial than the litigation process. First, mediation takes much less time and is less expensive than litigation.


Further, the mediation process is confidential and can be scheduled whenever the parties want it to be scheduled. Moreover, parties tend to abide by agreements reached in mediation more than those imposed by a judge, jury, or arbitrator.


This is because, in business mediations, parties have more control over the process and the outcome.

Learn how our business lawyer and mediator can help solve your business and partnership disputes.

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Our small business practice includes assisting clients with:

  • Contract drafting and disputes

  • Lease/Real Estate Contract Review

  • Employee Policies, Regulations and Disputes

  • Business Formation

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Business to Business Disputes

  • Non-Competition Agreements and Disputes

  • Repair and Maintenance Disputes

  • Franchise Disputes

  • Customer Disputes

  • Commercial Litigation

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